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Tall Ships Daily
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A picture community along the lines of the many other "daily" communities (eg. ioan_daily).

The rules:

* You must post pictures of tall ships. No text-only posts. If you want to talk about ships, I recommend tallshipgeeks
* 1 picture only above the cut
* No larger than 600 pixels wide above the cut
* No more than six pics per post (if there are more, point to a gallery somewhere)
* No more than two posts per person per day
* Livejournal icons do not count as pictures for the purposes of this community.

Photographs and artistic representations of any kind of tall ship or old-fashioned sailing vessel are welcome. You will make yourself extra popular if you can provide:

* the name of the ship (put this in the subject line)
* any details of her rig, scantlings, etc
* other brief information about the ship (history, location, etc)

Your community moderator is damned_colonial.